So throughout my life I have felt different from the rest of the world. Whether being athletically more gifted than most kids growing up or being able to look at things from an alternate perceptive. The need to protect something or the need to speak out against something I didn't feel was right. Through out my experience I have always felt a lot different from the rest. For example as a kid in school I would stare at the rest of class gauzy into their books without distraction and feel left out because I couldn't do that. I wanted to be outside I wanted to be free and wanted everyone else to do the same. So I rebelled, I spoke out and I got punished for doing so. This taught me much about myself and others. I truly believe our blood is the reason for it, if your a negative blood type your not like 90 % of population your different. You have been given a gift from the most high god to be yourself or to find out who you really are. I feel he made me rebellious because the world needs more people to awaken the people from their slumber.