Is O neg blood Alien? I don't know is my short answer but I really want to find out.
I don't think we should wait for or even expect a full O neg origin disclosure from any governmental department & I'm not sure we really deserve one until we have created sufficient action like raising the general populations interest in this human story.
We may even discover that we are all genetically prone to delusions of grandeur or other mental illness or a form of mind control. To not even postulate that question in a mental universe of half truths would appear somewhat insane & arrogant.
So I would like to throw down the gauntlet to my fellow O negs & say lets try to prove it, let us prove to the world who we are by researching, experimenting, creating, singing, dancing, painting, campaigning, astral traveling etc. If we just sit on our bums & do fuck all then I'm fairly certain the holographic matrix will reward us in kind. I think the pattern of our blood shows a significant vibrational difference to other blood types & I suspect that our Cymatic energy patterns correspond. I have noticed that O neg fiction story's are on the increase there's Tammy Taylors O negs cant be vampires & a woman in England is writing a O neg trilogy, & many O negs are doing interesting things like healing & working with crystals & Orgonites.
If your interested in vampires a good book to read is The delicate dependency by Michael Talbot who also wrote The Holographic Universe & Pierre Sabak is releasing a new book this year called Holographic Culture which should contain a mention on Bloodline activation codes.
Whatever the reason for our collective amnesia I believe connecting with ancient forbidden history will help 2 reboot our consciousness. Things like the Chinese pyramids & 6ft 6 mummies, The Elora caves & Rosslyn chapel's musical cubes etc.
Maybe all perceptions are only possible due to the nature of this duality matrix where something like the flower of life can reveal many hidden things if you look long enough sort of like a magic picture.