Psychological illnesses according to "blood group"

"In order to understand how the world works, we have to understand how we ourselves function and work." - Mystikvirtue

This is a website I came across a few years ago. I don't know how many of you ever gotten to the point of breaking down and wondering "what is wrong with me."
Well for me, Depression has been with me since I was a child. I felt like an outcast my whole life which lead to me to believe maybe I was just "mentally ill" and thanks to modern day information available to us, and blood-type articles and researching I decided to take a closer look to the chemical imbalances in each blood type and group.
This is the "science" or "reality" of how the brain functions and I think for many, will bring an understanding to what happens to the brain when you are "depressed" what is happening to your brain, glands, and chemical changes that comes with "emotions."

PAIN: as you may not know, pain actually CLOUDS YOUR JUDGEMENT. Understanding what you are physically going through will help you snap out of any mental un-clairities (or clouding of judgement) we may be experiencing... this website is like putting your foot through the door.

Knowing this information also can help understand the way the body works and its helped me realize the differences between emotional,spiritual, and physical "differences" these bodies of ours have.

When you think about the human body, it contains 3 major aspect that makes it work. Others who are bi-polar and have multiple-personality disorders/voices, suffer addictions, etc...Have trouble understanding the differences between their conscious(the physical), subconscious(inner mind), and Super-conscious(spiritual/God realm), or ended up going coo-coo and getting tangled up in webs of information that lead to more confusion, mis-understanding, can cause fear, etc.. (that's why therapy doesn't work for rh- persons, especially O-, and asylums just pop people with medication "numbing them out.")

For me, I had to do this backwards.. I knew God, my inner voice, and the holy spirit my whole life, so I had to discover the "science" behind how all these functions actually work.
To make it more clear:
Concious: The Body/physical/Heart
Subconscious: The mind/your inner voice
Super-conscious: Holy Spirit/God
(I will post a blog talking about this specifically soon)

If you are O-:
O- persons have the highest amount of "grey matter" in their brains, which means, they are lest likely to develop Alzheimer's Disease.
Also, persons O- suffer from what I call "the dip"
O- have trouble producing nor-adrenaline naturally. Dopamine is known as the "happy chemical" our brains produce when in an extreme state of excitement and happiness. Because nor-adrenaline is not produced normally, when the brain does experience dopamine, nor-adrenaline slows down faster than the Dopeamine in our brains which can cause a person to become "paranoid" and a quick flip in behavior from happy, to quickly sad,confused,angry, upset... This happens because consciously, we are un-aware of what is going on with the chems in our brains and leads to unclairity as to why we feel such a massive drop afterwards. Knowledge of this, can help others understand what is going on in their brain, and can train themselves to ignore those "paranoid" feelings, possibly come to terms with what is going on, and actually turn every "happy" experience into a positive one and keep those positive vibes flowing, avoid going through "the dip." and live a more happier, more understood life.

Dr. Adam D'adamo is a specialist in bloodtype diets, this article it is translated from German. This website talks about dopamine as well as personality traits, and what his idea of each blood group is, and how it works for your brain based on blood type, and also mental healing through food/nutrition. In order to understand how the world works, we have to understand how we ourselves function and work... To know God, is to know yourself. Click the link below and comment if you have any questions! -God Bless
p.s. This is all from the top of my head and there are more posts to come!….html