Is there any possibility that we O Negs are in fact Avatars? Or perhaps all the Negs are Avatars and the Positives are Sims? What do you think?
Maybe all of us have different Alien Avatars running us and Humans and Humanity is a test programme? Dr Bruce Lipton suggests that all humans are Earth Rovers transmitting & receiving data. I like this idea.
I saw photos of red blood cells from humans & you can see that our red blood cells have a different pattern. Cymatics shows us sounds made visible & I'm wondering what the frequency is of our universal blood. I noticed we don't have shields on our cells just stumps, does this mean that we can absorb all types of information faster? I wonder if anyone knows? Let me know what you think.
Do you wonder if there exists a subliminal O neg programme? Do you feel like your being watched?
Is this to do with psychotronic mind control or is this a natural phenomenon?