Join the worlds largest quantum physics experiment

Hi All Would any of you be interested in joining the worlds largest ever quantum physics healing experiment? Have you ever wondered what Chi or Prana or Orgone is? Or what it can do for you and your environment? If your a O neg then you may discover some real health benefits from placing orgonites in your space. For years I suffered with a hyper alert anxiety disorder and tried many things but I only started to get better with meditation which introduced me to the concept of Prana. I later discovered orgonite and made a white space grid in by bedroom and this greatly improved my sleep and rest. Orgonite has a magical effect to transmute negative energy like radiation. Some orgonites if well made can even block EMF coming from a phone or laptop without impeding the performance of machine. Not all Orgonite are made the same and the latest development to calm the symptoms of ES is Quantholm Fractalite which is orgonite minus the resin. Orgonite is believed to be a very ancient technology harnessing chi or orgone. Pets and plants also appreciate orgonite and respond positively to it. If you place around 20Kg of orgonite on or close to your body you can get your aura talking back to you which can be really useful if you have any personal mysteries to solve. You can also carry out many different experiments or charge up your food and crystals. Those interested to learn more may like to visit or