Peeling the Onion

Peeling the Onion is what I'm calling this blog. What is the true nature of our existence? Where are we exactly? And what time is it really?
Some people say that the O negs are descendants of the Anunaki some say it goes back much farther to a space race called the Lyrans.
Possibly the two races were mixed through marriage or whatever. Who really knows?
Have you ever wondered why the O neg blood type exists as it does in terms of its value to humanity with regards to its capacity to be donated to all other blood types? I'm thinking of it as a benevolent gift and whomever made it was benevolently minded. What do you think?
The funny thing is about this place wherever we are is that something always turns up for you to believe in.
The belief that is the most destructive is that of a powerful master race and it is inextricable from genocide.
This is not a good thing for mankind! Why would humans get involved in such activities? Are they possessed by delusional Malefic unseen entities or is it just because they are insecure & selfish?
Or is it something to do with the very nature of the design of the matrix to manipulate and that whoever made us designed us in such a way that we are susceptible to being duped and scammed?
When I think about all the so called facts and Theory's its usually based around the five senses. All these things upon examination could well be illusory like the placebo effect.
Have we really lost our ability to create new cultural programmes? Or is that a perception deception? Do too many people simply regurgitate what they are told or read partly because of traditional programmes based on ritualistic repetitive indoctrination? Is imagination the key to everything?
Is the real truth that you will get whatever you think about? Are we all transmitters and receivers?
Can we all change our beliefs in anything and thus change the course of humanity? What are your thoughts? Will our ancestor programmes be as influential in the future or less so? I carry out mindfulness experiments like I start thinking about seeing people in pink trousers and suddenly there they are, or Free Energy Devices and there they are, Good friends with Good hearts and there they are! Haha
Maybe its more important to just focus on feeling good being happy and at peace with yourself and know you are more than the illusion?
UK scientists are confirming that we live in a Matrix they are calling it the Merion Matrix you can learn more about this if you visit
  • Goodjon
    Please dont get angry but please keep in mind that the plural of a noun is formed by a singular S, and not an apostrophe S ('s). Example: dog/dogs, cat/cats, act/acts, theory/theories (not dog/dog's, act/act's, theory/theory's). Its a common mistake, but nonetheless embarrassing. Plus, we are better than that, arent we? Smile
  • southernfix (Inactive) I had trouble with the link posted is this the right link? I give consent to any benevolent act's