Hi heard of or have any of you tried Monatomic Gold or Orme?
My friends visited Egypt and went to a tourist site that is portrayed as a Monastic ruin.
It is anything but a place of spiritual worship. The evidence was on the floor! Copious amounts of white powder! No not cocaine! It was Monatomic Gold and this so called Monastery is in fact a ancient factory and they were making Monatomic Gold (copper based) for the Pharaohs.
This was fed to the Pharaohs to keep their consciousness in contact with the Cosmos and higher dimensional beings.
Its easy to make and it tastes like milk of magnesia.
Its effects just keep you calm and centred which is why people who meditate might take it.
This stuff is full of Chi / Orgone / Prana and it will increases your Auric field this is possibly why the 'They' are called the shining ones!
You can buy it on Amazon to eat or you can by power pots from Scotland from a company called westerngeomancy
If you fancy making your own brew ask me and I will send you details!