Master Number 44

I'm interested in words from a energy, frequency, vibration point of view magic and spells etc.
I decided to look up words that come to a Master number in numerology. I think everyone living in a western civilisation will find these findings interesting.
Here are the results for Master Number 44.
O negative, Seraphim, Sparkling, Shining, Hologram, Happiness, Dreaming, Soothing, Courageous, Greenland, Deceptive, Monte Carlo, Montserrat, Kailasa Temple, Borobudur, shooting, genocide, nectarine, snowdrops, contentment, spiritual, subterfuges, woodwind, orchestra, screaming, bloodsucker, therapist, hearing, long life,Twickenham, forever, vegetation, wildlife etc.
There probably are some more but it is time consuming. If you want to find the numerical value of a word using Pythagorean numerology visit