Hi do you wonder about time? What it is & how it works? Is it real or just an illusion?
Einstein said time is an illusion albeit a persistent one! The ufo reporter Bruce Cathay said Time was set by harmonics & frequencies. If that's correct who or what is dictating the time? Some Flat earth theorists claim that our sun is fake or artificial and that Sirius is our real sun. If this is true why do we have a fake sun? I wonder if that's why our present times in recent history is sometimes referred to as the dark ages? Or why this time is called the Kali Yuga or Iron Age? Is it possible that at the end of the last bronze age 432,000 years ago Sirius moved so far away from our location that it caused us or the beings here a technological collapse & now that Sirius is on its way back we will re enter the bronze age with the microchip? Do you wonder if we are on some kind of timeloop where the future can create the past?
Have you noticed that some Rfid microchips have 216 written on them? What's your thoughts on that? The so called sacred numbers are 432, 216, 108 & 54. They all add up to 9 now why is that?
I know numbers 8 & 9 relate to the square & circle & I wonder if this has a connection to Flat Earth?
Well if this interests you please leave a comment or get in touch.