Hi I watched this short film entitled O Negative by Steven McCarthy https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S9Lrnk848YU
Afterwards it got me thinking about O negatives being vampires. So this post is a hypothetical theory look at O negative Vampires.
I came up with some interesting questions see what you think.
If O negs are blood vampires based on what is known about transfusion of blood where O negs can receive only O neg blood would this mean that O neg vampires could only drink the blood of another O neg? Would that be accurate? Does anyone know? Also this would mean that some O negs would surely have to be kept in the dark as they probably won't want 2 b someone else's dinner. Haha! This might effect O neg population levels. I do think it sounds ridiculous myself but not impossible. Is it any more likely that the other blood types are the vampires & the O neg blood is akin to a good malt whiskey or something?
The only vampires I've ever met are energy vampires and most of those work for the bank & the tax office! Haha.