Although this might be a little upsetting to some rh-negative cat lovers I just wanted to post a warning out there for any that own cats. I myself have never been fond of cats I am a dog lover to the core and groom them for a living. Anyway Toxplasmosios is a real illness that causes schizophrenia for rh-negatives. The rh-positives are somewhat immune to the illness and if they get it they don't nearly suffer the harsh symptoms like rh-negatives do. This has something to do with rh positves being exposed to it more often throughout the years because of the higher exposure to the illness from the regions of which there ancestors came from they have built up a stronger immunity to it. So if you are an rh-negative person just be careful of cats specially for women who are pregnant and old people when cleaning out the litter box because the one celled parasite is mostly found in cat feces. Make sure you wash your hands well after exposure to cats and never let them climb on you tables or counter tops.