What is a true authentic O RH NEGATIVE? What should one look like? What type of Soul or spirit should it have? What is its true purpose here & now? Can you tell the difference between the fake copy version & the real McCoy? Is the blood type more important than infinite consciousness or the spirit? What do you think about the Solar Sun shield programme or the nano tech in your eyes? What do you think about Sophia the A.I. Robot? Its my opinion that all of the above is pro Cyborg & anti human. I don't believe for one moment the claims being made about Sophia the A.I. Robot. Surely its just a huge con with a human watching you through her eyes and talking to you. Why do we really need a solar sun shield & nano tech? Its my opinion that man is multidimensional & does not need any of this crap! How come you cant get any sensible answer's from famous institutions & organisations & how come there's not been a reasonable debate or discussion with us the people on these issues? I would like to meet a soul mate preferably without uncle same spooks in her eyes. If your not happy having nano stuff in your body then go look at herbsandbeadswork on youtube