Do your eyes glow in the dark?

Hi I've spoken with a few RH negs about our eyes & strange phenomenon. Does anyone know if our black pupils should glow green in the dark under UV light? Is it natural? Or is it the result of Geo engineering & nano tech? Also some people say that the pupil glows red & others noticed a purple ring around the pupil while others noticed a hexagonal shape. So what's going on? The Carnicominstitute has some information related to this on Morgellons which has now been recognised…

Tesla 369 vortex maths

Hi is anybody out there experimenting with Tesla 369 Vortex Maths? I wrote out the 3 times multiplication table the other day in 10 columns & 15 rows. I wanted to compare it to a Factor 9 grid.Its interesting that both the Solfeggio's & 432Hz are in the table along with all other sacred infinite numbers. Why don't they just teach this at school in one lesson and then let us go outside & play!

Are we all Domed?

I'm interested in Dome theory & the Holographic nature of reality. So are we all domed? Haha!I've been reading your blogs & contemplating your different belief systems. If there's a pattern it does appear to be fractioning. Is this due to a shift in human consciousness & is this being caused by different frequencies & harmonics. Do you believe in the NASA marble or the Flat Earth Dome? Is Saturn really effecting us all or is it a result of massive EMF pollution? Ar…

Rh negatives and the disease Toxoplasmosis carried by cats

Although this might be a little upsetting to some rh-negative cat lovers I just wanted to post a warning out there for any that own cats. I myself have never been fond of cats I am a dog lover to the core and groom them for a living. Anyway Toxplasmosios is a real illness that causes schizophrenia for rh-negatives. The rh-positives are somewhat immune to the illness and if they get it they don't nearly suffer the harsh symptoms like rh-negatives do. This has something to do with rh positves…

O negatives

O negatives are the sons and daughters of God. We have been sent to free the sheep from bondage. The vampires choose to drink the O negative blood to gain there strengths and ability. Vampires are the 1 percent rich and powerful who control the matrix. Our O negative blood line comes from jesus , moses, adam its the blood of god. Which is called the rams right ascension meridian. Protector of the sheeps and the ones who fight the goats. Goats are the gmo rh negative who prey on the sheep. With g…

O Negative Data

Are you wondering where all our O negative data is? You know after a couple of years looking around I'm very surprised at the scarcity of information available to us.Does anybody have any ideas why that might be the case or not. Am I looking in the wrong places?It would be great if someone created a O negative One-stop online resource. Does one exist? Does anybody know? What questions would you like answers to?

O Negative Vampires

Hi I watched this short film entitled O Negative by Steven McCarthy it got me thinking about O negatives being vampires. So this post is a hypothetical theory look at O negative Vampires.I came up with some interesting questions see what you think.If O negs are blood vampires based on what is known about transfusion of blood where O negs can receive only O neg blood would this mean that O neg vampires could only drink the blood of another O neg…

Low blood pressure and body temperature

Hi everyone,I am always told I have very low blood pressure and low body temperature. It would probably be physically debilitating to most people but my body seems to handle it just fine. I had a surgery recently and the hospital did not want to release me because my blood pressure was low they wouldn't believe for a few moments that I felt fine and I could get up and go home. Have any other rh- people experienced this?

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The Time Mystery & Flat Earth

Hi do you wonder about time? What it is & how it works? Is it real or just an illusion?Einstein said time is an illusion albeit a persistent one! The ufo reporter Bruce Cathay said Time was set by harmonics & frequencies. If that's correct who or what is dictating the time? Some Flat earth theorists claim that our sun is fake or artificial and that Sirius is our real sun. If this is true why do we have a fake sun? I wonder if that's why our present times in recent history is so…

Music/poetry by.. Stars (me)

Ah yeah thought I'd just share this poetry. I think RH-'s should vibe to this frequency. I used to work on music quite a bit, but haven't in about two years. This is just recorded by me speaking into an Iphone with a youtube instrumental playing in the background so I apologize for the low quality. It's best to turn your tone/bass all the way off. But I do feel something about recording/listening in this manner gives it a rustic feel. The Nordic Circle of an endless cycle. As…

How many rh- folks have had paranormal experiences?

I consider myself very in tune with my intuition, always have. I've had multiple experiences that defy reality. When I was a kid I had alien experiences and as an adult more ghost/entity stuff. I'm incredibly empathic and have a way with animals most find weird. What about you?

Good books on Aliens

Messengers of Deception by Jacques ValleeThe perception deception by David IckeNot in his image by John Lamb LashThe murder of reality by Pierre SabakMirage men by Mark PilkingtonThe mystery of the crystal skulls by Chris MortonCosmos by Carl SaganLess incomplete by Sandie GustusThe Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval & Adrian GilbertTechnology of the Gods by David Hatcher ChildressThe Earth Chronicles Handbook by Zechariah SitchinOperation Trojan Horse by John KeelHumanity's Extraterrestria…

Success is created not reached

It always seems as though the road beneath our feet is the longest and the road ahead is the furthest​. But perhaps our sights are set upon​ the mirage of the horizon rather than the beauty of the journey beneath it.

Royal Bloodline Activation Codes

The Author Pierre Sabak who wrote a book called The Murder Of Reality Hidden Symbolism Of The Dragon has just released his new book Holographic Culture. In this book Pierre talks about Holographic Royal Bloodline Activation Codes. What are these exactly? Does anyone know?Pierre is a Fine Art graduate & now a symbologist & comparative linguist who has studied etymology & semiotics. He is writing the Serpentigena series and he is convinced that extraterrestrials / Interdimentional bein…