High-altitudes and blood types

When looking at mountain trekking, high-altitude climbing you need to know that there is a predisposition based on your blood type determining whether or not this type of adventure is something that you are likely going to do well in.
At first let’s look at ancestry in order to get some hints whether or not it is in your nature to participate in such a sport.

Let’s say you’re blood type …

A people are the least likely to do well. A people are the descendants of the first farmers living a relaxed, planned-out life without too many surprises. Taking risks is not in the nature of blood type A people. Usually low-altitude locations tend to be the homes of the ancestors of blood type A people. Under stress, blood type A people tend to easily panic which is never a good thing in situations where every decision counts.
If you are blood type A and planning to go to the Himalayas, prepare yourself as follows:

– Don’t only plan the trip. Prepare mentally and visualize your adventure.
– Force yourself to spend a few hours a week preparing. Be it Yoga, meditation or swimming while concentrating on training yourself to hold your breath for a long time. Anything you think you should do to make you feel ready for the quest is advised to do.

Double exposure portrait of woman performing yoga asana reflects unity of human and nature

Double exposure portrait of woman performing yoga asana reflects unity of human and nature

– Activate your intuition. It helps us survive. The inner antenna will lead you when the map is lost or there is no GPS.

Your oxygen supply is based on adrenaline or lack thereof. And that is based on your inner state. Do you really want to climb through the mountain ranges? Then ask yourself first why. If a sufficient answer is found, never lose focus of that reason or goal.
Blood type A people tend to do well when determined, but this determination needs to be found within. You don’t have to be a natural at anything or love it for it to grow on you eventually.
Do not assume you can just do something and be good at it right away. Take your time, absorb feedback, watch what others do and how they do it.

Then pick a date a while ahead and continue not just with the focus on your goal, but also the reward after which you will have to visualize while on your quest.

Blood type O people are the natural born hunters. Their goal: Get the meat.
When it comes to long-term excursions however, blood type O people tend to not do as well.
Blood type O people however are the most intuitive. So the key is to only face on the reason you really want to do mountain climbing. Then keep your eyes on that if you believe the goal is worth it. The rest will come when it comes.

Under no circumstances continue your journey, should you ever doubt that you should do it.

Prepare yourself as follows:

Be good to yourself. Simple as it sounds. You need positive energy to make it through. The physical strain can be bypassed easily by simply developing the right technique for your own body and state of mind. But you need to be centered. And when you are, you will find a way to make it through and do very well.

B people are mind over matter. And not only that. Said to have originated in the Himalayas, blood type B is associated with a strong will. Your will is already there. SO now the key is to focus on the physical aspects.
Train endurance, long-distance running might be great. Swimming as well as hitting the gym and focusing on related movements such as pull-ups.


“Living in both worlds”, AB people have to simply ignore one side, the one that wants relaxation and planned-out and predictable lifestyles. In order to properly prepare yourself for the quest, give “the other side” what is craved for the time before trekking and treat yourself to as much stress-free life as you possibly can. It is within you to do well when mountain trekking, so do not worry about not making it.
Do some training and don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked.


Who is your perfect partner according to your blood type?

The formula is very simple:

For women:

If a man can donate blood to you, he is compatible.

For men:

If you can donate blood to a woman, she is compatible.

However, two people with the same blood types appear to be the most compatible ones.
Communication appears more natural, less misunderstandings.
People are more likely to just “get each others” in terms of non-verbal communication.

There also needs to be considered whether a person who is not blood type O carries the O recessively or not.
This is called your genotype. Your phenotype only registers the dominant gene, so if your phenotype is A or B,
it means your genotype can be AA, AO in the case of phenotype A and BB or BO in the case of phenotype B.
There are many more AO and BO people than AA and AO people and the distribution in Europe looks as follows:

Genotype distributions in Europe

OO: 42 percent

AO: 38 percent

AA: 8.4 percent

BO: 8 percent

BB:0.36 percent

AB: 7 percent

Note: Blood type AB is both, the genotype and the phenotype as neither A nor B are dominant.

Note: You can also carry the O recessively if you are AB, but that is rare. It is a phenomenon called cisAB where the A and the B are encoded into one gene.
So for example, your blood type can be phenotype AB but your genotype can be cisAB/O.

The formula that I am mentioning above will guarantee that there is a good chance for a healthy pregnancy.
One example is the so-called rh disease which would never come into play.
So do not expect the pharmaceutical industry ever to endorse blood type dating.

Not convinced?

Take a second to go to http://www.datebytype.com/users and type in your own blood type and see who pops up who shares it.

You can play around with the search function and see other blood types which are compatible. The most important thing to remember is knowing what you are looking for to be the key. If you think long-term then act long-term. You just want to have fun, be open and honest about it.
Here is the chart pointing out who can donate to you, who you can donate to … meaning … which men and women are most compatible with you.

If you are:

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
A+ AB+
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
A+ A- O+ O-

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
O+ A+ B+ AB+
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
O+ O-

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
B+ AB+
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
B+ B- O+ O-

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
Every blood type compatible

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
A+ A- AB+ AB-
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
A- O-

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
all types are compatible
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
B+ B- AB+ AB-
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
B- O-

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
AB- A- B- O-

You have 3 choices:

1) Go to the Datebytype.com homepage and look for the picture of someone you like. Who knows, she or he might be perfectly compatible in terms of blood type and everything else.

2) Go to the users page and then type in your blood type as this is the most compatible one long-term speaking.

3) On the same users page type in the blood types compatible with you as given in the chart above. And if you happen to be set on a certain blood type that you really want to search for, then just go for that.


Knowing your blood type means knowing your health

I have recently published Are you a traveller with a rare blood type? in order to highlight the importance of knowing your blood type, as there have been travellers in deep trouble having a rare blood type and not being able to or having a very hard time finding a compatible donor in countries where their type is even more seldom.

But did you know that you could also be visiting a country where certain diseases are easier for you to get and affect you much worse than others if you have a certain blood type?

You don’t have to be a believer in the association between blood types and personality traits in order to want to know your blood type. Blood types and general health are strongly associated which is being proven by more and more studies.
The examples are endless and here are some of them to let you know the risk for you according to your blood type:

Diabetes: This study is unique in terms of including the rh factor which is usually being overlooked. According to it, blood type O negatives are much less at risk while people who are B positive are the highest.

Malaria: Blood type O is protected more than the others. A seems to be affected the worst.

Stomach Cancer

More bad news if you’re blood type AB: Your risk for stomach cancer is roughly 26% higher than if you had blood type B or O, concludes a study from the American Journal of Epidemiology. (If you’re type A, your risk is 20% higher than those with type B or O.)

More here …

A few more examples are being highlighted in the following video:

Overall people with the rhesus negative blood factor appear to be affected the worst by illnesses in general.

What we are now learning more and more about as well are mental health issues and their relationship to blood types.
Here are a few examples:

Suicide: Studies have shown a high number of people with blood type A amongst those who have killed themselves. Low in B and O.

Criminal activities:

Murder: A high percentage of people with blood types B and O. Low in A.

Now wait a second:

People consider it far-fetched to assume that blood types and personality traits are in any way related. But if mental health is being associated with blood types, wouldn’t mental health in general be associated with predispositions and therefore so closely related to personality traits in general that a relationship between the two would have to be there?


“Do you have a favorite love story?”

There is a good chance if you are asked this question, nothing will come to mind.
And usually people use a “classic example” like Romeo and Juliet or Cesar and Cleopatra … how unique.
And I have to admit I wouldn’t know what to answer either, because whenever I think I know of one, the couple tends to divorce a couple of years later … until now:

This one has caught my eye


Australian ex-model Turia Pitt suffered a deadly burn that left 65% of her body disfigured and burnt…… She lost her fingers, thumbs, and even her hair after being trapped in a grassfire…. A CNN reporter asked her husband Michael Hoskin “did you think about leaving your wife and hiring someone to take care of her and move on with your life?” His reply touched many Christians around the world when he said “I married her soul, her character, and she is the only women that will continue to fulfill my dreams” TRUE LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

And sure enough … it’s true:

Turia Pitt (born July 24, 1987) is an Australian mining engineer, motivationalist and author.
Turia Pitt was competing in an ultramarathon through Western Australia’s Kimberley region in 2011 when she was caught in a bushfire. An inquiry into the Kimberley Ultramarathon was damning of the race organizers, RacingThePlanet. She suffered burns to 65% of her body and had four fingers from her left hand and her right thumb amputated. She launched Supreme Court action against the organizers, and in May 2014, it was reported that it was resolved with an out-of-court settlement.

This was them before the accident:


And here are my thoughts:

If you leave someone because of something like this, you have never loved the person to begin with. And harsh as it may sound even in a time of crisis it may actually be better to be left by the wrong person and know the truth.
If you love someone, you will not be able to leave the person because of something like this, especially knowing that this is a time she needs you the most.

And if the one you love loves you back unconditionally, anything can be overcome.


12 Reasons Why You Should Never Be On A Diet

Just now I have seen an image that has bothered me to pieces.


All of the above is correct … instead of the diet part. It doesn’t fit. It spells force, obsession, self-centered behaviour and gives a message that you are not ok the way you are.

Not convinced?

Here is why getting or staying on a diet is the worst thing to do, especially for those with low self-esteem and those who use food to substitute inner peace and balance artificially:

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Be On A Diet

blood type and dieting

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Does your blood type impact your personality?

Is it just me or are more and more people paying attention to this?


Mosquitoes prefer blood type O

Could it be that whatever is in the A antigen that can kill a blood type B person and whatever is in the B antigen that can kill a blood type A person, is also what keeps mosquitoes from wanting any part in it?

If this is the case, then it is not the only reason mosquitoes might be biting you more than others.


Here are more:

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Thanks to the internet, more lives are being saved

Here is the latest example:

A man having a rare blood type in southern Vietnam who was admitted to hospital in a critical condition has been saved by a British donor after his grave state was described on Facebook by a medical worker.

blood type

More here:

Briton donates rare-type blood to save Vietnamese man


Women are more likely to date a man who owns a dog

In a University of Michigan experiment, women read vignettes about men. Whenever the story featured a person who owned a dog, women rated them with higher long-term attractiveness. This is because pet ownership signals nurturance and a tendency toward relationship commitment. It also makes you appear more relaxed, approachable, and happy. 

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Women with O blood type may struggle to conceive

Women with blood type ‘O’ could have more trouble conceiving as they age, a study has indicated

Researchers who tested a group of women seeking fertility treatment found those with the blood type O appeared to have a lower egg count and poorer egg quality than others.

blood type fertility

Scientists have discovered for the first time that a woman’s blood group could influence her chances of getting pregnant.

Researchers who tested a group of women seeking fertility treatment found those with the blood type O appeared to have a lower egg count and poorer egg quality than others.

By contrast those with blood type A seemed to have more and better quality eggs.

The findings could lead to women with type O blood being advised to try for a baby earlier, but experts said much more research was needed before such a step was taken.

O and A are the two most common blood groups in the British population: some 44 per cent are type O and 42 per cent are type A.

The study of 560 women, whose average age was just under 35, found that those with blood type O were more likely to have higher levels of ‘follicle stimulating hormone’ (FSH) than those with type A.

Fertility experts regard a high FSH level as a key indicator of having a low egg count, which is known as “diminished ovarian reserve”.

FSH is naturally produced by the body to stimulate the follicles in the ovaries which produce eggs.

As a woman’s ovaries run out of eggs in her 30s and 40s, production is stepped up to encourage more follicles to be made.

The study found that women who were blood type O were twice as likely to have an FSH level above 10 – commonly regarded as the threshold between normal and raised levels – as those in any other blood group.

It did not quantify how much more difficult women with blood type O could find it to conceive.

People with blood group A carry the A antigen, which is a protein on the surface of the cell, but this is absent in people with O type.

The lead author, Dr Edward Nejat of the department of obstetrics and gynaecology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, said this was the first time a potential link between blood type and fertility had been identified.

He is presenting his findings, based on women undergoing fertility treatment at the Yale University IVF programme and the Montefiore Institute in New York, at the annual American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) conference in Denver on Tuesday.

He said: “Those with blood type O were twice as likely to have an FSH level over 10 than those with blood types other than O.

“We found that women with the A blood group gene were protected from this effect of diminished ovarian reserve.

“Patients with blood type O seeking infertility evaluation at these centres have a higher likelihood to be diagnosed with elevated FSH and hence manifest diminished ovarian reserve.”

Susan Seenan, of Infertility Network UK, welcomed the study.

“Anything which might help couples avoid having to have fertility treatment has got to be good news,” she said.

“If couples know that there is a possibility that they might have a fertility problem then perhaps they can address that earlier.”

However, she cautioned that it was “early days” for the research and said more studies should be done before advising blood group O women to try for a baby earlier.

Tony Rutherford, chairman of the British Fertility Society, described the research as “interesting” in that it showed “a potential link” between blood type and fertility.

But he too said a larger study needed to be carried out among the general population – not just those who had gone for help with fertility problems.

“We need to look at a prospective group of women to see if blood group affects your chance of getting pregnant,” he said.

He also said the link between blood group and other hormones that were better predictors of fertility needed to be examined.

Age is the most important determinant of ovarian reserve, which tends to start dropping in the early 30s and then accelerate in the late 30s and 40s. Being obese is also known to affect the number and quality of eggs.

Original article here.