12 Reasons Why You Should Never Be On A Diet

Just now I have seen an image that has bothered me to pieces.


All of the above is correct … instead of the diet part. It doesn’t fit. It spells force, obsession, self-centered behaviour and gives a message that you are not ok the way you are.

Not convinced?

Here is why getting or staying on a diet is the worst thing to do, especially for those with low self-esteem and those who use food to substitute inner peace and balance artificially:

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Be On A Diet

blood type and dieting

1) Dieting is against our nature
You’re going against what your body tells you to eat.

2) Dieting can mislead you into harmful consumption
You are likely to fall for products offering low-colesterol, low-fat, sugar substitutes and wind up consuming something much more unhealthy than the original.

3) The real health solution is too simple
Fresh and natural foods are a must. You cannot substitute that. When your body tells you to eat something, then make sure it is the real product, not something that artifical flavors seduce you into consuming something non-nutritious such as potatoe chips.

4) You will give up control over yourself
puppet on a string
When you diet, you force yourself into eating the way that goes against what you want. You wind up living a life forcing yourself to behave in a certain way. You will either be miserable or go back to pigging out and in many cases those relapses will cause so much distress that people doing it wind up ballooning up more than ever.

5) Diets are usually designed to drain you financially
Diets for the most part are scams. You will be always talked into buying more of a certain brand of products, more books etc. In other words, you will be made to feel like you are not enough and the only solution is to spend more money.

6) You need to feel good to look well
People on diets are agitated quite often. The reason is simple: We need to eat like our ancestors did and consume what we crave. There are people literally starving while 100 pounds overweight simply because of WHAT they eat.

7) Balance is a must and dieting can lead to unhealthy obsession
If unsatisfied with lack of progress, people tend to often kill themselves working out. This is also unnatural. If you play tennis, go surfing or do something other than just sweat on a treadmill and lift weights with the only goal of losing pounds, you will activate your natural focus on the skill and lose weight as a side-effect. Neanderthals didn’t have weight issues and didn’t hit a gym. They “exercised” naturally.

8) You need to “let go” of your issues and live YOUR life
When you diet, you focus on your weight. Stop focusing on YOU, but focus on LIFE. Your goal should NOT be to lose pounds, but to feel good. When you feel good, are in tune with your body and healthy, losing weight is something that will happen anyways. But you need balance. Inner balance. And you can never obtain and maintain that by obsessing with the scale.

9) Diets lead to setting unreasonable goals and expectations
When not losing the pounds as wanted, people tend to feel like failures and those depressions in turn cause a desire to pig out again. So forget the word diet and erase it from your memory once and for all.
Obsessive behaviour fuels obsessive behaviour and when we are falling for it, we tend to ignore our own inner signals. You can wind up working out so much, that your joints, ankles, knees and everything else will suffer and the aging process will diminish you into someone immobile. And when that happens, eating will be the only exercise that gives you joy. So don’t destroy yourself.

10) The solution is in you, not “somewhere out there”
Self-esteem is the key to it all. Feeling good means also being you and being successful and ok being just you. Your appetite is something that comes from within. Without it you are not you. Eat as you like. Stay away from anything unnatural or canned, because it compromises your signals as to what to consume. Take the time to prepare your food. And then make it something special to where you actually enjoy and look forward to your meals.

11) “Low-fat” and “artifically sweetened” means toxic to some degree
artificial sweeteners
Low-fat anything is really a trap. Even if it is salad sauce. Vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, horse raddish and spices should do just fine. If you crave something else, it is not something natural usually. And whenever you go unnatural, you become a slave to marketing, product placement and the big industry designed to fool you into buying what you don’t need, isn’t good for you and does not give you the nutrients that your body needs.

12) Dieting can cause distress like being tied down in a cult
Diet-people can be very annoying and preachy. Sort of like fanatically religious people. It is the same thing where you will become intolerant to those not buying into your ideology because it puts a mirror in front of your face and you are afraid to see reality, which is that you are in reality not living the balanced life you need but rather convince yourself to follow an ideology that can only sustain itself as long as you work hard on staying obsessed. Same like in religious fanaticism, hardcore dieters often change their circle of friends to likeminded and become cult like. This is not your nature. This is not our nature. Do not go against your nature.

So relax!



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