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Why is there a blood shortage?

Whether or not there is a blood shortage for you depends of course on YOUR blood type. If your blood type is AB positive then chances are you may always have someone’s blood available as all types are applicable for you.

But if you are rh negative and especially O negative, you may have issues getting a transfusion. You see:
In emergency situations EVERYONE gets O negative blood to “make sure nothing goes wrong”.

What a lazy way out!

Of course there are a few problems that need some solving and let me list them for you here:

1) People just don’t know their blood types

And yes, there is an issue with this. Not considered important, because you are not planning to crash a motorcycle into a van.

2) A lot of reasons that blood types are diagnosed incorrectly

Sometimes human error, other times different issues. The bottom line is that we need to be aware of the 4 major reasons why blood type tests can show different results.

3) No compensation in most donation centers

The problem stated is that giving money for blood encourages individuals with high-risk behavior to lie about it. This might be true. But there have to be other ways than just cash to encourage people and make the drive and time worth their while. The medical industry profits strongly from blood donated, but instead of giving back to those who make the efforts, many centers hire call centers and spend money for expensive commercials rather and oftentimes harass O negative donors.

4) Mismanagement

Do I need to explain this one further?

Artificial blood substitutes have been on the way for quite some time.

So what is the solution?

For starters, everyone in the world needs to find out their blood types.

And the easiest way to do that is to call the physician or hospital where you have previously been cared for.

You may even be able to find the love of your life based on your blood type.

The level of awareness has to rise. And that will already kick things off. If you want to know more about the travesties of mismanagement, Google how much blood is being tossed away every month.

There is no excuse for having a blood shortage for anybody who is rh negative or positive. So if you are rh negative and a regular donor, first of all demand to:

a) Be taken off the list to be called everytime that you are ready to donate again.

Believe me: I am not joking. If you accept this behavior, you actually might increase the blood shortage as you contribute to the lazy behavior of pretending that the system in place is actually “good enough”.

Force them to be creative, and they make a killing with donors like you. Otherwise they benefit. Which is fine. But only if they benefit others as well.

b) If you decide to donate, ask them to give back to the donors, not just you.

Using guilt to get you to donate is dirty. Donating is the right thing to do, but there are also questions whether or not some of the blood is used for other purposes which, if true, should require informing the donors.

While you are there to give of yourself for others, the people present are there to make money. You supply a product. I am not even convinced that it is the right thing to pay cash to everyone donating. But the bottom line is most of the centers don’t give back and simply pocket the commission due to you.

If there was a way to donate to an important charity, it would be the perfect solution.

I am not talking about major ones not making a lot of a difference.

I am speaking about local charities.

Don’t just donate blood.

If they harass you via phone to donate, harass them back and refuse donation until they put in place something that inspires more people to donate.

Greed is the main reason for the blood shortage. And it is the main enemy. So the only thing we all can do is battle it. Because if we don’t, we continue being used to financially benefit others while causing people in need to lack the blood required to save their lives.


Who is your perfect partner according to your blood type?

The formula is very simple:

For women:

If a man can donate blood to you, he is compatible.

For men:

If you can donate blood to a woman, she is compatible.

However, two people with the same blood types appear to be the most compatible ones.
Communication appears more natural, less misunderstandings.
People are more likely to just “get each others” in terms of non-verbal communication.

There also needs to be considered whether a person who is not blood type O carries the O recessively or not.
This is called your genotype. Your phenotype only registers the dominant gene, so if your phenotype is A or B,
it means your genotype can be AA, AO in the case of phenotype A and BB or BO in the case of phenotype B.
There are many more AO and BO people than AA and AO people and the distribution in Europe looks as follows:

Genotype distributions in Europe

OO: 42 percent

AO: 38 percent

AA: 8.4 percent

BO: 8 percent

BB:0.36 percent

AB: 7 percent

Note: Blood type AB is both, the genotype and the phenotype as neither A nor B are dominant.

Note: You can also carry the O recessively if you are AB, but that is rare. It is a phenomenon called cisAB where the A and the B are encoded into one gene.
So for example, your blood type can be phenotype AB but your genotype can be cisAB/O.

The formula that I am mentioning above will guarantee that there is a good chance for a healthy pregnancy.
One example is the so-called rh disease which would never come into play.
So do not expect the pharmaceutical industry ever to endorse blood type dating.

Not convinced?

Take a second to go to and type in your own blood type and see who pops up who shares it.

You can play around with the search function and see other blood types which are compatible. The most important thing to remember is knowing what you are looking for to be the key. If you think long-term then act long-term. You just want to have fun, be open and honest about it.
Here is the chart pointing out who can donate to you, who you can donate to … meaning … which men and women are most compatible with you.

If you are:

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
A+ AB+
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
A+ A- O+ O-

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
O+ A+ B+ AB+
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
O+ O-

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
B+ AB+
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
B+ B- O+ O-

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
Every blood type compatible

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
A+ A- AB+ AB-
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
A- O-

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
all types are compatible
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
B+ B- AB+ AB-
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
B- O-

and a man, your perfect woman is blood type:
and a woman, your perfect man is blood type:
AB- A- B- O-

You have 3 choices:

1) Go to the homepage and look for the picture of someone you like. Who knows, she or he might be perfectly compatible in terms of blood type and everything else.

2) Go to the users page and then type in your blood type as this is the most compatible one long-term speaking.

3) On the same users page type in the blood types compatible with you as given in the chart above. And if you happen to be set on a certain blood type that you really want to search for, then just go for that.