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Are rh negative women more likely to have autistic children?

Unfortunately, there are several studies out there which are strongly indicating this being the case.
Here is a major reason why:

The autism epidemic began when the Anti-D shot for rhesus negative women pregnant with a rhesus positive fetus was approved. And the issue was not so much the shot itself as was the standard operating procedure and time the shot was administered. Rather than giving it before a pregnancy, women would receive it during the pregnancy allowing the antibodies to damage the fetus before the shot was given. That included causing serious damage to the brain cells as well.

Before the shot was approved, such fetus would eventually be completely destroyed. But then the already damaged fetus was saved from dying and often resulted in a child with sometimes severe issues.

If you are rh negative and the man in your life rh positive, make sure to get an antibody screening before getting pregnant and request the Anti-D shot as well to not give your antibodies a chance to harm the braincells of your unborn child.

If the man in your life is rh negative as well, this problem is non-existant. But make sure that his blood type is truly rh negative as blood type tests can show different results. If and only if it turns out he is rh negative as well, my advice is to not take the Anti-D shot even though it is often standard operating procedure to administer it anyways.

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12 Reasons Why You Should Never Be On A Diet

Just now I have seen an image that has bothered me to pieces.


All of the above is correct … instead of the diet part. It doesn’t fit. It spells force, obsession, self-centered behaviour and gives a message that you are not ok the way you are.

Not convinced?

Here is why getting or staying on a diet is the worst thing to do, especially for those with low self-esteem and those who use food to substitute inner peace and balance artificially:

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Be On A Diet

blood type and dieting

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Mosquitoes prefer blood type O

Could it be that whatever is in the A antigen that can kill a blood type B person and whatever is in the B antigen that can kill a blood type A person, is also what keeps mosquitoes from wanting any part in it?

If this is the case, then it is not the only reason mosquitoes might be biting you more than others.


Here are more:

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