“Do you have a favorite love story?”

There is a good chance if you are asked this question, nothing will come to mind.
And usually people use a “classic example” like Romeo and Juliet or Cesar and Cleopatra … how unique.
And I have to admit I wouldn’t know what to answer either, because whenever I think I know of one, the couple tends to divorce a couple of years later … until now:

This one has caught my eye


Australian ex-model Turia Pitt suffered a deadly burn that left 65% of her body disfigured and burnt…… She lost her fingers, thumbs, and even her hair after being trapped in a grassfire…. A CNN reporter asked her husband Michael Hoskin “did you think about leaving your wife and hiring someone to take care of her and move on with your life?” His reply touched many Christians around the world when he said “I married her soul, her character, and she is the only women that will continue to fulfill my dreams” TRUE LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

And sure enough … it’s true:

Turia Pitt (born July 24, 1987) is an Australian mining engineer, motivationalist and author.
Turia Pitt was competing in an ultramarathon through Western Australia’s Kimberley region in 2011 when she was caught in a bushfire. An inquiry into the Kimberley Ultramarathon was damning of the race organizers, RacingThePlanet. She suffered burns to 65% of her body and had four fingers from her left hand and her right thumb amputated. She launched Supreme Court action against the organizers, and in May 2014, it was reported that it was resolved with an out-of-court settlement.

This was them before the accident:


And here are my thoughts:

If you leave someone because of something like this, you have never loved the person to begin with. And harsh as it may sound even in a time of crisis it may actually be better to be left by the wrong person and know the truth.
If you love someone, you will not be able to leave the person because of something like this, especially knowing that this is a time she needs you the most.

And if the one you love loves you back unconditionally, anything can be overcome.


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