Mosquitoes prefer blood type O

Could it be that whatever is in the A antigen that can kill a blood type B person and whatever is in the B antigen that can kill a blood type A person, is also what keeps mosquitoes from wanting any part in it?

If this is the case, then it is not the only reason mosquitoes might be biting you more than others.


Here are more:

One of the worst things about summers is mosquito bites. So that got us here at the Run List wondering just exactly why mosquitos bite us and what attracts these very annoying blood sucking insects.

Number 1: Blood Type O

Japanese researchers have found that people with blood type O are almost twice as likely to get bitten compared to people with blood type A. Not sure how popular type B or AB blood are with mosquitos.

Number 2: Full Moon

That’s right! Mosquitos are 500 times more active during a full moon, according to the American Mosquito Control Association. That’s a real thing.

Number 3: Alcohol

Researchers say that you are more likely to get bitten after drinking beer. Or any other kind of alcohol for that matter. So, if you’re going to any outdoor parties this summer and expect to drink, do yourself a favor and bring some insect repellent with you.

Number 4: Smelly Feet
While this is likely to chase away our human companions, a scientist found that smelly feet actually attracts mosquitos. He sat in his underwear to see which body part mosquitos like to target the most. It was his feet. After he washed them with deodorant soap, the mosquitos targeted his whole body randomly.

Number 5: Pregnancy
Pregnant women get bitten twice as often as non-pregnant women. Researchers think this is because mosquitos are attracted to the extra moisture and carbon dioxide in pregnant women’s’ breath and their warmer abdominal temperature.

Number 6: Exercise
Physical activity increases risks for bites by as much as 50 percent. That’s because mosquitos are attracted to substances in our sweat.

Number 7: Dark Clothing
The color black is the most attractive to mosquitos followed by red. Khaki, green, and yellow are less attractive.


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