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» Avoiding the rh disease in pregnancies
Date 2013-03-22 | News |

One of the main reasons blood type dating makes sense is that we only connect rh negatives with rh negatives. If you know more about the rh disease, you have likely come here because you are aware of the risks rh incompatibility holds in pregnancies. If you are an rh negative female, this is the dating site which makes the most sense for you. If you are an rh negative male, you are the perfect partner for an rh negative female. If you do not know your blood type, it is important that you find out, especially if you are a woman planning to be pregnant.

» Who is your perfect blood type match?
Date 2012-12-14 | News |

We at believe that the most important issue in dating is the rhesus factor. After 3 years of extensive studies we have concluded that 1) Rh negative people are usually compatible and understand each others best. 2) When having children together, the rh disease is being avoided.

» Why Blood Type Dating is the only way to find the perfect match
Date 2012-11-03 | News |

Dating according to your blood type is THE only way to work with nature and allow yourself to be matched with someone just meant for you:

» Why blood type dating is the future of online matchmaking
Date 2012-11-04 | News |

The reasons are countless, but one counts more than the others: Your health and the health of your future children.

» Blood Type Compatibility and Incompatibility in Dating
Date 2012-11-02 | News |

Do you ever wonder why some couples cannot get pregnant yet when divorced suddenly both have children easily with someone else?

» Why Blood Type Dating works, especially for rh negative women
Date 2012-10-22 | News |

Find out why so many rh negative women are looking for an rh negative partner:

» In simple terms: Why rhesus incompatibility can lead to infant death
Date 2012-11-04 | News |

The biggest problem in blood type compatibility remains the rhesus incompatibility which can lead to infant death.

» Is your personality based on your blood type?
Date 2012-11-03 | News |

The Japanese and Korean blood type personality charts do not include the one thing the Western world needs to pay attention to the most: The Rhesus Factor. We do. Read on:


We at Date By Type do not believe in making a match. Because the match is already made. You and whoever is perfect for you. We are simply the catalyst determined to bring people together based on what the outside not always reveals. Blood type dating is new and unique and it works, because it keep nature's voice next to your ear and allows you to partner with who no pregnancy consequences can occur with based on blood type incompatibility. We specialize in rh negative matching and consider your alleles the signs meant to send you to whoever is out there for you. Please scroll above and register and read through our other articles to help you understand why blood type dating is right for you.

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