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Hi is anyone else concerned about the rise of the narcissistic personality type? Why is it on the rise? What's the code that's driving it? Is mankind under some sort of invisible attack? If your like me & you want to find out possibly you might like some of the talks given by John Lamb Lash or v…
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GG432 posted a new blog:
The Author Pierre Sabak who wrote a book called The Murder Of Reality Hidden Symbolism Of The Dragon has just released his new book Holographic Culture. In this book Pierre talks about Holographic Royal Bloodline Activation Codes. What are these exactly? Does anyone know? Pierre is a Fine Art graduate & n…
  • StarzAligned (Inactive)
    Did you delete my previous comments? I mean, I already believe you did, and I can absolutely feel your directed energy of the narcissistic post being pointed at me. I lol'd.. It has already come back to you, Mr. Narcissist. lol! !! Luna my understanding!! Hecate the wrath!
  • StarzAligned (Inactive)
    Well yea I didn't mean to sound like an ass. It is what it is. But really I see people saying some retarded shit like we rh- are the biblical gods offspring.. Hahaha how brainwashed can one be. I get it though... They are highly sensitive, empathic and angelic so they think this, failing to realize every fallen one still possesses their before the fall 'name'
GG432 posted a new blog:
I'm interested in words from a energy, frequency, vibration point of view magic and spells etc. I decided to look up words that come to a Master number in numerology. I think everyone living in a western civilisation will find these findings interesting. Here are the results for Master Number 44. O negat…
GG432 posted a new blog:
Hi heard of or have any of you tried Monatomic Gold or Orme? My friends visited Egypt and went to a tourist site that is portrayed as a Monastic ruin. It is anything but a place of spiritual worship. The evidence was on the floor! Copious amounts of white powder! No not cocaine! It was Monatomic Gold and this…
GG432 posted a new blog:
Peeling the Onion is what I'm calling this blog. What is the true nature of our existence? Where are we exactly? And what time is it really? Some people say that the O negs are descendants of the Anunaki some say it goes back much farther to a space race called the Lyrans. Possibly the two races were mix…
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GG432 posted a new blog:
Hi All Would any of you be interested in joining the worlds largest ever quantum physics healing experiment? Have you ever wondered what Chi or Prana or Orgone is? Or what it can do for you and your environment? If your a O neg then you may discover some real health benefits from placing orgonites in your spa…
GG432 posted a new blog:
Is there any possibility that we O Negs are in fact Avatars? Or perhaps all the Negs are Avatars and the Positives are Sims? What do you think? Maybe all of us have different Alien Avatars running us and Humans and Humanity is a test programme? Dr Bruce Lipton suggests that all humans are Earth Rovers transmi…
  • nrgy7
    I think there is something to this idea. I would love to find the answer.
  • southernfix
    Multi-dimensional beings in a multidimensional world. It's an interesting question regarding the frequency of our universal blood type. If we contacted universities and students studying cymatics and proposed this question we might find they know the answer or at least create the interest required with the people whom have the equipment to investigate. what is the universal frequency of love?
  • DiedPretty
    I am not sure but I would be interesting to find out.
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GG432 posted a new blog:
Is O neg blood Alien? I don't know is my short answer but I really want to find out. I don't think we should wait for or even expect a full O neg origin disclosure from any governmental department & I'm not sure we really deserve one until we have created sufficient action like raising the…
  • MystikVirtue
    I have looked into spirit science, and other types of methods claiming that there is some type of "spiritual awaking" going on. (which I think is very true because we have the internet connecting us with all types of resources) but also be aware of the dark and misleading websites and such claiming anything to do with the Spiritual World. (remember, evil DOES exist) and being O- makes those persons more vulnerable and sensitive to those things.
  • MystikVirtue
    Hey there! I think that O negatives are the closest and purest blood types to the orgins of God. (even though we are all apart of God, I think that A&B is a type of Hybrid human. Hence, extreme differences in personalities and diet.) O- are more sensitive & more aware of intuitive and spiritual energies, and the other realms of life and the universe.