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I'm interested in Dome theory & the Holographic nature of reality. So are we all domed? Haha! I've been reading your blogs & contemplating your different belief systems. If there's a pattern it does appear to be fractioning. Is this due to a shift in human consciousness & is this be…
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Cats are fantastic Zen meditative 432Hz vibrational healing creatures. Schizophrenia is a made up condition. The ability for a human with a left right hemisphere brain to see things from multiple perspective is a naturally occurring phenomenon of the human condition within a duality or tripartite matrix system. A lot of cooperation's have made huge profits drugging healthy people who are simply upset & outraged at the many injustices or they have been bombarded by harmful EMFs.
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Are you wondering where all our O negative data is? You know after a couple of years looking around I'm very surprised at the scarcity of information available to us. Does anybody have any ideas why that might be the case or not. Am I looking in the wrong places? It would be great if someone created a O…
  • Iyanamarlioneg (Inactive)
    Either our own people are keeping it from everyone to protect us...or it's not safe...all conspiracy theories separating human kind have to do with blood and dna...there is something significant ...
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Hi I watched this short film entitled O Negative by Steven McCarthy … 848YU Afterwards it got me thinking about O negatives being vampires. So this post is a hypothetical theory look at O negative Vampires. I came up with some interesting questions see what you…
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Hi do you wonder about time? What it is & how it works? Is it real or just an illusion? Einstein said time is an illusion albeit a persistent one! The ufo reporter Bruce Cathay said Time was set by harmonics & frequencies. If that's correct who or what is dictating the time? Some Flat earth theor…
  • Iyanamarlioneg (Inactive)
    To me it's an illusion... I never feel physically attached to time
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Messengers of Deception by Jacques Vallee The perception deception by David Icke Not in his image by John Lamb Lash The murder of reality by Pierre Sabak Mirage men by Mark Pilkington The mystery of the crystal skulls by Chris Morton Cosmos by Carl Sagan Less incomplete by Sandie Gustus The Orion Mystery by R…
  • DiedPretty
    good list I will make sure and looks for these titles next time I am at the bookstore.
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The Author Pierre Sabak who wrote a book called The Murder Of Reality Hidden Symbolism Of The Dragon has just released his new book Holographic Culture. In this book Pierre talks about Holographic Royal Bloodline Activation Codes. What are these exactly? Does anyone know? Pierre is a Fine Art graduate & n…
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Hi heard of or have any of you tried Monatomic Gold or Orme? My friends visited Egypt and went to a tourist site that is portrayed as a Monastic ruin. It is anything but a place of spiritual worship. The evidence was on the floor! Copious amounts of white powder! No not cocaine! It was Monatomic Gold and this…
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Is there any possibility that we O Negs are in fact Avatars? Or perhaps all the Negs are Avatars and the Positives are Sims? What do you think? Maybe all of us have different Alien Avatars running us and Humans and Humanity is a test programme? Dr Bruce Lipton suggests that all humans are Earth Rovers transmi…
  • Resilient1 (Inactive)
    I have definitely felt like one. I imagine we'll be activated like the final 5 on BAG.
  • nrgy7
    I think there is something to this idea. I would love to find the answer.
  • southernfix (Inactive)
    Multi-dimensional beings in a multidimensional world. It's an interesting question regarding the frequency of our universal blood type. If we contacted universities and students studying cymatics and proposed this question we might find they know the answer or at least create the interest required with the people whom have the equipment to investigate. what is the universal frequency of love?