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According to the author Zecharia Sitchin in his book The earth chronicles handbook the Tablets of Destinies are objects that were used in Enlils Mission Control Center in Nippur to track planetary orbits and control space travel.when the evil Zu stealthily removed them and took them away in his hands the Miss…

My first word was Zu Zu...

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Hi BluRay how's it going? What have you been up to?

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Have you wondered about your PH levels being too acidic as an O negative? Do you pay attention to this? I put plants around my house in an effort to increase oxygen levels things like Aloe Vera, Ivy & Snake plant. According to studies it cleans the particles in the air & gives off a more relaxed vibe…
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What is a true authentic O RH NEGATIVE? What should one look like? What type of Soul or spirit should it have? What is its true purpose here & now? Can you tell the difference between the fake copy version & the real McCoy? Is the blood type more important than infinite consciousness or the spirit? Wh…

Sorry dude meant 5 star for being a thought provoking blog


Wow GG private message me dude where you getting that kind of information from

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Hi I've spoken with a few RH negs about our eyes & strange phenomenon. Does anyone know if our black pupils should glow green in the dark under UV light? Is it natural? Or is it the result of Geo engineering & nano tech? Also some people say that the pupil glows red & others noticed a purple…

Do I dare say cyan. Everything glows in the dark...


I'm not sure about humans but I have seen some dogs eyes glow red and others don't

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Hi is anybody out there experimenting with Tesla 369 Vortex Maths? I wrote out the 3 times multiplication table the other day in 10 columns & 15 rows. I wanted to compare it to a Factor 9 grid. I put a photo of the Grid in my photos along with a irregular nonagon.Its interesting that both the Solfeggio�…