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Gypsy wrote:

I don't like work at all at all


I hear you, I don't either. I mean I like to be productive, I just dont like being other peoples slave. Hence the reason I'm self employed. 1/2 the work for the same pay or better. But I'd much rather be doing other things with my time...

oneblood wrote on Gypsy's wall:

Hi Gypsy,
One things for sure, Rh negative females are driven to be self employed. So it seems. I'm blown away by the number of you on here. Is it true of the Males too?

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Caribbeanlori wrote on Gypsy's wall:

So please tell me , Are you constantly being accused of doing shit that never happened
like me ?
No doubt Women hate you ! Lol
They sure can smell our blood a mile away
Dosent matter if they know us or not