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StarzAligned posted a new blog:
Seems like RH- is Aryan. At least at it's purest form. Some RH-'s aren't Aryan. … auty/ Serpent Seed... I keep hearing this. And I for 100% fact summoned a Reptilian in my room by accident once.. I, well.. not sure if I did it.. IT (a pentagram) w…
Ibelieve wrote on StarzAligned's wall:
Everything you said is crazy true. Love your spirit A-!!
StarzAligned wrote on Hollmcm's wall:
Don't know what you look like lol but just saying hi to another A-
Agiftedgirl wrote on StarzAligned's wall:
You do? I haven't had a good look at your pics we do have common interests.
  • StarzAligned
    Copper blood.. Nordic ties. Aryan phenotype. That's what it is
  • StarzAligned
    hey whatsup.. i think we look so similar haha
StarzAligned wrote:
We need more picture slots!
StarzAligned wrote:
So sad there isn't more activity on this website. I can't be the only one online..??