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O negatives are the sons and daughters of God. We have been sent to free the sheep from bondage. The vampires choose to drink the O negative blood to gain there strengths and ability. Vampires are the 1 percent rich and powerful who control the matrix. Our O negative blood line comes from jesus , moses, adam…

I just looked at your profile and ah I can see why you think the way you do. You're heavily intermixed and you're hearing the rh+ side of you undiscerning who the real rh-s are. This is exactly why race mixing is so bad.. you don't exactly fit in with the RH-s or RH+s.. and well.. identity crisis and distorted views. Ofc you must find it out yourself. Well, here's somewhere to start. lol


But if you're saying we are from Zeus then.. yeah.. that's probably right. Known also as Odin.. possibly even Marduk or Lucifer. The elite.. are negatives.. But all that Abrahamic god stuff.. lols. RH+


but he had positive blood. Iron blood.. we are Copper. Lightning. Gold. From the sky. From the heavens. And we are RH-. Our forefathers made us outside of the will of God that is why we don't have him in us (RH+). The Abrahamic God is RH+. He goes with the 'lowly'. Bible talks about the Angels intermixing with humans. They were from heaven and light.. And so are we. The Pure RH- is Caucasian.


ha ha ha ha..
I believe you're so wrong. We have a progenitor but it has nothing to do with the Abrahamic God.. In fact, if the Abrahamic God is real then you would have to look at it this way.. every animal has RH+ and so do some people. The earth people, the heart people, (not the brain people- that's us) have in common with them this earth, because they are from the earth and so was that guy you're talking about.. the black messiah.. not the fake jesus who is iesus aka gezeus aka hail zeus..

danielawake posted a new blog:
So throughout my life I have felt different from the rest of the world. Whether being athletically more gifted than most kids growing up or being able to look at things from an alternate perceptive. The need to protect something or the need to speak out against something I didn't feel was right. Through…
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My school years felt much the same, highly athletic with a low standing heart rate, Taking onboard the subject matter was tricky began daydreaming. Teachers were overly cruel and narcissistic and I began to block out information intuitively I felt that was incorrect or invaluable. Why exactly was I there being forced to think in a particular way or act in a particular way. The odd teacher that managed to impart valuable wisdom under the radar within the system, I'm most thankful for.