Elkhart, Indiana, United States
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kbr4864 wrote on mica's wall:
I love your open, honest pic!
kbr4864 wrote on belavita's wall:
Hi! I just joined. I love your pic. How do you like living in Stockholm? Karl
kbr4864 wrote on cariadch's wall:
hi! I love your pic. What can you tell me about the food on your plate? It looks well presented. Karl
  • cariadch
    yiiiikes so much for not logging in for months LOL .. OMG the food was delicious .. deuxave in boston Wink
kbr4864 wrote on lizzie's wall:
Hi! I just signed up. I like the way the light highlights your cheeks in your pic. Your smile makes a man wonder what you might be thinking. I think we could be great friends! Karl
kbr4864 wrote on laurnii's wall:
Sweet pic! Your kitty is so at peace with your energy. Have you been to Machu Pichu? Karl
kbr4864 wrote on Helene47's wall:
Hi! I just signed up. Your image is most captivating. I sense adventure in your future. Karl
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