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PKarn posted on Monika7's wall:

The singles boat... I think I'm destined to be a loner.

Molly posted on PKarn's wall:

Sorry about the previous message I hadn't read your whole profile but your description of yourself is perfect it's exactly what I like to do I like to draw and do artsy stuff. I would like to talk again hopefully.

PKarn posted:

Not many people try to date by blood type I guess.


The general population doesn't think like we do.

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I was 110/78 last I checked with a 74 resting rate.


That is a very healthy blood pressure for O Negative.

PKarn posted a new blog:

Is that you singing the song? I had no idea you are so talented. You have a great voice, I could listen to you sing all day.


Sounds really good. Thanks for posting them Smile