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Headd of a princesss!!
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Just shouting out to a fellow Texan and gardener.. Actually selling organic produce at the farmers market tomorrow. Really is a lifestyle heh.. Could of made 500$ or more at a low paying job with the hours I've put in to walk away with maybe 50$ in the end. Oh well just need a cob house on unrestricted land now.. Since I have enough kale to juice for days haha. Talk about a boost.. Dont they say crack makes you want to trim your hedges at 3 am? No officer just kale juice.
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Seems like RH- is Aryan. At least at it's purest form. Some RH-'s aren't Aryan. … auty/ Serpent Seed... I keep hearing this. And I for 100% fact summoned a Reptilian in my room by accident once.. I, well.. not sure if I did it.. IT (a pentagram) w…
  • GG432
    Yes you are wright about wearing copper as a bracelet as it creates a electrical circuit sealing your biomagnetic field. In fact many people will benefit from magnetic therapy devices and they can help a person to ground excess energy.
  • StarzAligned
    Pretty sure the 'voices in my head' LOLOLOL... The angels tell me all kinds of things. Just recently I put it all together and my heart feels it is true.. Amalekite by flesh. Holy shit feels good to know the truth. Ahh yes that was the voice in me all of these years.
  • eyesofblue4u
    I have a friend that has talked about a couple experiences with reptilian. He says that they occasionally send him messages through his dreams. He said the last message they weren't too happy with him because he wasn't focused on what he should be focusing on. He was disturbed by it. He's only 22. I will share with him.
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Everything you said is crazy true. Love your spirit A-!!
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Don't know what you look like lol but just saying hi to another A-
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You do? I haven't had a good look at your pics we do have common interests.
  • StarzAligned
    Copper blood.. Nordic ties. Aryan phenotype. That's what it is
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    hey whatsup.. i think we look so similar haha
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So sad there isn't more activity on this website. I can't be the only one online..??