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DiedPretty posted a new blog:
Although this might be a little upsetting to some rh-negative cat lovers I just wanted to post a warning out there for any that own cats. I myself have never been fond of cats I am a dog lover to the core and groom them for a living. Anyway Toxplasmosios is a real illness that causes schizophrenia for rh-nega…
  • NordicRaffe
    I believe it has to do with them possibly infecting me with parasites. Whoever said they have a cleaner mouth than humans- I think is apart of the brainwashing lol.. Turn people upside down and stupid as fuck. Every dog I've ever known eats shit.. How gross is that. Cats are way superior. (It's the toxoplasmic Gondi in my brain talking nowww.. hahaha). No but seriously.. kill those bitches dead with this. … kL--k
  • NordicRaffe
    My worst fear used to be parasites. Now that I'm more intune with my Viking ancestors I don't think I fear anything. I'm definitely a cat lover and actually I fucking hate dogs. Gross. I guess I like wolves though. I think it is the 6th sense within me about dogs, how nasty they are, licking buttholes and eating shit. Everytime they come around my senses heighten and radar goes up; 'gross thing in the area put your defenses up'.
  • DiedPretty
    I have groomed cats for years. I don't anymore its to much of a liability. I have known people to get deathly ill with cat scratch fever and severely hurt when in a situations like that. Other animals like armadillo carry leprosy and elephants carry TB also that can be passed onto humans. We can also get worms from dogs if they have them. I guess it's just the chance you take. I commend anyone that does animal rescue cats or dogs. Thanks for your comment
  • MissLissa
    I'm O- ... I was a veterinary technician for years, and I do animal rescue ... I've never ever had an issue. ** Not saying your post isn't true ... It just isn't very prevalent.
PKarn wrote on DiedPretty's wall:
I was 110/78 last I checked with a 74 resting rate.
DiedPretty posted a new blog:
Hi everyone, I am always told I have very low blood pressure and low body temperature. It would probably be physically debilitating to most people but my body seems to handle it just fine. I had a surgery recently and the hospital did not want to release me because my blood pressure was low they wouldn't…
  • PKarn
    I was 110 over 78 last time I had it checked. With a 74 pulse rate. a little fast. lol
  • too-different-perhaps
    thank you...seems you live rather close to me, all things considered...perhaps we can become friends beyond the web/net.
  • Nepherion
    the Mgtow has informed me that i should delete this account due to the increasing number of gold digging feminazi , nawalts, beta simps, and safe spaces
DiedPretty posted a new blog:
I think our DNA has memory from the past. I believe O- blood is very old maybe blood of the first beings that were able to walk on earth and maybe before. I believe that is why we might feel different we just have a better knowing a better understanding. We have lived before timelines. I think that one of the…
  • too-different-perhaps
    @DiedPretty...i like the way you think...i like where you're coming from. i'd rather seek to be positive and nice, than negative...though we are neg's of particular sort.
  • goedine (Inactive)
    I think does not count in science. There have to be facts and evidence.
DiedPretty wrote:
Interested in finding out more about the Anunnaki ?
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