Music/poetry by.. Stars (me)

Ah yeah thought I'd just share this poetry. I think RH-'s should vibe to this frequency. I used to work on music quite a bit, but haven't in about two years. This is just recorded by me speaking into an Iphone with a youtube instrumental playing in the background so I apologize for the low quality. It's best to turn your tone/bass all the way off. But I do feel something about recording/listening in this manner gives it a rustic feel. The Nordic Circle of an endless cycle. As…

How many rh- folks have had paranormal experiences?

I consider myself very in tune with my intuition, always have. I've had multiple experiences that defy reality. When I was a kid I had alien experiences and as an adult more ghost/entity stuff. I'm incredibly empathic and have a way with animals most find weird. What about you?

Good books on Aliens

Messengers of Deception by Jacques Vallee The perception deception by David Icke Not in his image by John Lamb Lash The murder of reality by Pierre Sabak Mirage men by Mark Pilkington The mystery of the crystal skulls by Chris Morton Cosmos by Carl Sagan Less incomplete by Sandie Gustus The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert Technology of the Gods by David Hatcher Childress The Earth Chronicles Handbook by Zechariah Sitchin Operation Trojan Horse by John Keel Humanity's Ext…

Films of interest

Here's a list of films that you might like to do with bloodlines & current events. The Matrix, Lucy, A.I., Logan's run, The island, Capricorn one, Eyes Wide Shut, Wag the Dog, They Live, planet of the apes, Time machine, Excalibur, Trueman show, Rosemary's baby, Total Recall, Hunger games, Cabin in the woods, black swan, blade runner, Tron, Dune etc Please feel free to let me know your favourite or must see films.

The rise of the narcissistic personality type

Hi is anyone else concerned about the rise of the narcissistic personality type? Why is it on the rise? What's the code that's driving it? Is mankind under some sort of invisible attack? If your like me & you want to find out possibly you might like some of the talks given by John Lamb Lash or visit

Success is created not reached

It always seems as though the road beneath our feet is the longest and the road ahead is the furthest​. But perhaps our sights are set upon​ the mirage of the horizon rather than the beauty of the journey beneath it.

Royal Bloodline Activation Codes

The Author Pierre Sabak who wrote a book called The Murder Of Reality Hidden Symbolism Of The Dragon has just released his new book Holographic Culture. In this book Pierre talks about Holographic Royal Bloodline Activation Codes. What are these exactly? Does anyone know? Pierre is a Fine Art graduate & now a symbologist & comparative linguist who has studied etymology & semiotics. He is writing the Serpentigena series and he is convinced that extraterrestrials / Interdimentional bei…

Master Number 44

I'm interested in words from a energy, frequency, vibration point of view magic and spells etc. I decided to look up words that come to a Master number in numerology. I think everyone living in a western civilisation will find these findings interesting. Here are the results for Master Number 44. O negative, Seraphim, Sparkling, Shining, Hologram, Happiness, Dreaming, Soothing, Courageous, Greenland, Deceptive, Monte Carlo, Montserrat, Kailasa Temple, Borobudur, shooting, genocide, nectarin…

Monoatomic Gold power up!

Hi heard of or have any of you tried Monatomic Gold or Orme? My friends visited Egypt and went to a tourist site that is portrayed as a Monastic ruin. It is anything but a place of spiritual worship. The evidence was on the floor! Copious amounts of white powder! No not cocaine! It was Monatomic Gold and this so called Monastery is in fact a ancient factory and they were making Monatomic Gold (copper based) for the Pharaohs. This was fed to the Pharaohs to keep their consciousness in contact wit…

Peeling the Onion

Peeling the Onion is what I'm calling this blog. What is the true nature of our existence? Where are we exactly? And what time is it really? Some people say that the O negs are descendants of the Anunaki some say it goes back much farther to a space race called the Lyrans. Possibly the two races were mixed through marriage or whatever. Who really knows? Have you ever wondered why the O neg blood type exists as it does in terms of its value to humanity with regards to its capacity to be dona…

sexx ?? … eKzeA

Join the worlds largest quantum physics experiment

Hi All Would any of you be interested in joining the worlds largest ever quantum physics healing experiment? Have you ever wondered what Chi or Prana or Orgone is? Or what it can do for you and your environment? If your a O neg then you may discover some real health benefits from placing orgonites in your space. For years I suffered with a hyper alert anxiety disorder and tried many things but I only started to get better with meditation which introduced me to the concept of Prana. I later disco…

O Neg Avatars

Is there any possibility that we O Negs are in fact Avatars? Or perhaps all the Negs are Avatars and the Positives are Sims? What do you think? Maybe all of us have different Alien Avatars running us and Humans and Humanity is a test programme? Dr Bruce Lipton suggests that all humans are Earth Rovers transmitting & receiving data. I like this idea. I saw photos of red blood cells from humans & you can see that our red blood cells have a different pattern. Cymatics shows us sounds made v…

DNA memory

I think our DNA has memory from the past. I believe O- blood is very old maybe blood of the first beings that were able to walk on earth and maybe before. I believe that is why we might feel different we just have a better knowing a better understanding. We have lived before timelines. I think that one of the things that sets us apart.

Psychological illnesses according to "blood group"

Psychological illnesses according to "blood group" "In order to understand how the world works, we have to understand how we ourselves function and work." - Mystikvirtue This is a website I came across a few years ago. I don't know how many of you ever gotten to the point of breaking down and wondering "what is wrong with me." Well for me, Depression has been with me since I was a child. I felt like an outcast my whole life which lead to me to believe maybe I w…